The board will be filing an appeal with the Reston Design Review Board after their approval of a rooftop building project in Block 3, which does not comply with Hickory Cluster standards.

The Board has received bids from construction companies to rebuild the planters that have been damaged over time and are in need of repair.  This includes the planter in Block 2 which was damaged when the gas company repaired gas pipes. The lowest bid was approved and the board will begin the process of scheduling that work. The Board is also researching appropriate plantings to replace bushes and plants in select planters.

Bladerunner is currently working on trimming trees and bushes in Blocks 1 and 2 that have been identified to be in need of attention by the arborist’s report. The work will resume once the weather permits. Please be aware that there will be noise and activity and work starts early in the morning.

The landscaping committee continues to work to create a long term plan to remove invasive species plants and has received one bid and is seeking bids from other companies. The committee is still investigating various methods of controlling the seed pod droppings from the sweet gum trees in Blocks 1 and 2.