April 2022

The Reston District is experiencing an increase in In catalytic converter thefts, tires and rims thefts and airbags stolen from cars and trucks. Our officers are out patrolling in extra force to catch these criminals. You may have noticed our extra presence late at night. However, it’s a lot of ground to cover and we can’t be in every neighborhood all the time. This why we are calling on you for action. Our analysis tells us the thieves strike from the hours of midnight through 6am.

Please be keep a close eye on parking lots, driveways and low light areas. The thieves are fast and work in groups. Often times the use flashlights, car jacks and tools such as a cordless saw.

  • If you have a digital video recording device, make sure it is charged and on. Consider turning on the notifications at night so you are alerted to activity.
  • Report all suspicious activity immediately! The number is 911.
  • Don’t engage the thieves, call the police and provide as much detail as possible, such as license plate, detailed description of the actors and the vehicle they are driving.

Together we can catch these thieves and make Reston a better place for all.

Captain Rex D. Pagerie
Fairfax County Police Department