April 2022

FCPD is one of the first public safety agencies to use the Nextdoor system to connect with our communities.  We do not control any aspect of the site, we are simply able to post in the general and safety boards of the site.

We cannot see or respond to any posts.  We depend on  you, a neighborhood watch coordinator, to encourage others to make the police reports necessary to report the information being distributed.

While FCPD does not control Nextdoor, we do work with them, and they listen.

In the attachment you will find the FCPD social media platforms.  As a crime prevention officer, I do not have any access to posting on any of those sites.  Our public information office is the controlling body and this is all monitored by the Office of Public Affairs.

Each social media platform is used for a different task, twitter gives quick information about current incidents that involve the police.  Facebook is the announcements and activities of officers and the communities in which we serve.  Instagram is photo based and youtube is video based.  Each of these platforms have their own set of rules and guidelines that we must adhere to. Nextdoor is the only platform that PAB and Crime Prevention has joint access to.  It is also not “rule free”.  We have a set of public safety rules that we have to follow.

FCPD is currently working on the reboot of cityprotect.com- the data mapping of police incidents web based platform.  It has been down for redevelopment to ensure victim privacy when mapping.  I have asked for an update on the progress.  This is the only FCPD data mapping platform supported by FCPD data. You may see others, but beware- if it not cityprotect.com or GIS based my neighborhood, then it is not official police incident data.   It is not uncommon to get emails from a coordinator with another web pages information on it- and I find the information has been changed (mostly renamed).

Nextdoor does not pay us, we do not pay Nextdoor. They have step by step directions to most every questions or task you can think of.  I included the ones that I thought would be most helpful.  It is not a requirement to use Nextdoor for neighborhood watch. Unless I have specific geographical messages, I share all messages with NW and Nextdoor whenever possible.

When you look at any of the platforms listed, you can find ways to sign up for alerts for your community.  Fairfax Alerts is the county’s alert by text system and it covers all things weather, traffic and police when it comes to immediate information and incidents that will significantly impact a geographical area.

Here is the link to learn more about Fairfax Alerts – Alerts | Topics (fairfaxcounty.gov)

Please let me know if you have any questions-

MPO Katy Defoe
Crime Prevention Specialist
LE CPTED Practitioner
Reston District Station
1801 Cameron Glen Drive
Reston, VA 20190