Update: RELAC sent this message out at 12:15 today:

We are now operational.
The Waterview Cluster leak was one of our automatic air bleeders. The top of the air bleeder failed, blew off a small cover, and shot water up 4 feet. That has been repaired.
We are refilling the lost water but due to air in the system we can only run with 1 chiller and 1 pump at the moment. We will return to full capacity by 4:00 this afternoon as the air is pushed out.
If you are still having an issue after that, please call our Service number 703-349-3301, select #1 for service and leave a message.


This message was received via email from Mark at RELAC this morning (June 16, 2022):

RELAC has a leak in Waterview Cluster.  Due to loss of water and pressure, the entire system is currently shutdown.  We are working to isolate Waterview Cluster and Orchard Lane, refill the system, repair the break, and return to full service.  We will have an update by 3:00 this afternoon.